Ladies who like to buy bags? Do you know what skills you have when shopping?


Ladies who like to buy bags? Do you know what skills you have when shopping?

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Body capacity. In fact, it is the size of the bag. The brand leather bag has full capacity and compact version. The package can hold A4 size documents. The actual purchase should be based on personal daily use needs to consider the capacity of the bag, and the principle is rather large than small.


Structural design. The structural design of the brand leather bag is reasonable, and the structure and function in the bag are clear at a glance. It should also be reminded that when purchasing brand bags, we should not pay too much attention to the complexity of functions. Simplicity and practicality is the best choice.


Strap design. The strap design of brand leather bag is comfortable, and the strap of bag should be wide, thick and breathable; The strap of a backpack is usually composed of a strap, a belt and a back cushion, and can be adjusted at will.


Fabric and material. Brand leather bags are usually made of top-level cow leather. The leather bags made of this material have a soft feel and transparent luster, giving people a noble and elegant feeling; At the same time, the fabrics of brand leather bags have good wear-resistant, tear proof, waterproof and other characteristics.


Workmanship. When purchasing, observe the sewing process quality between the belt and the body, between the inner and outer materials, and between the cover and the body. Whether the suture is firm and whether the stitch is too large or too loose.


Accessories. It mainly refers to zippers, locks, hardware, etc. When purchasing, observe whether the material is easy to oxidize or fade, whether the line around the zipper is tight, and whether the connection between the zipper or accessories and the package is natural.
These are our skills when purchasing bags. For more information, please visit the website of Yihua handbag processing factory: