How to match one shoulder messenger bag?


How to match one shoulder messenger bag?

One Shoulder Messenger Bag + off shoulder T-shirt + skirt + canvas shoes

Like the idyllic style, you can wear a black-and-white striped off shoulder middle sleeve T-shirt, and then with a black skirt, plus a single shoulder messenger bag. If you can wear a pair of canvas shoes on your feet, there will be no sense of disobedience. It will be sweet and fresh instantly.

One Shoulder Messenger Bag + loose shirt + white Capris + small white shoes

Light colored shirt and white casual Capris will give people a fresh and elegant feeling. If you carry a black one shoulder messenger bag and wear a pair of small white shoes, it's more suitable.

One Shoulder Messenger Bag + T-shirt + skirt

If you want to be playful and sweet, it is recommended to wear a light striped T-shirt with half body buttock skirt, and then a single shoulder messenger bag, so as to meet the demand.

One Shoulder Messenger Bag + Lapel Top + perforated jeans + slope heel shoes

The loose fitting Lapel top is fashionable and generous, plus the perforated jeans, which makes people feel cool. Carrying a one shoulder messenger bag and wearing a pair of slope heel shoes, it's full of personality and glamour.
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