What is the best material for buying bags?


What is the best material for buying bags?

PU skin is the skin of polyurethane. Now clothing manufacturers widely use this material to produce clothing, commonly known as imitation leather clothing. Pu is the abbreviation of English employment urethane and the Chinese chemical name polyurethane. Its quality is also good or bad. Most good bags use imported PU skin; Pu with leather is generally the second layer of leather material of cow leather on the reverse side. A layer of PU resin is coated on the surface, so it is also called film coated cow leather. Its price is cheap and its utilization rate is high. With the change of process, it is also made into varieties of various grades, such as imported two-layer leather. Due to the characteristics of unique process, stable quality and novel varieties, it is the current high-grade leather, and the price and grade are no less than the first layer leather. PU leather and real leather bags have their own characteristics. PU leather bags have beautiful appearance, easy care and low price, but they are not wear-resistant and easy to break; Leather is expensive and troublesome, but it is durable.

Washing method:

1. Wash with water and detergent, do not scrub with gasoline. 2. Do not dry clean. 3. Only wash with water, and the washing temperature shall not exceed 40 degrees. 4. Do not expose to sunlight. 5. Do not contact some organic solvents

Tips for maintenance:

 1. Generally speaking, most cleaning bags use cleaning brushes or clean cotton cloth suitable for various materials to remove dust and dirt. 2. If leather bags are wiped with leather cleaner, generally, the lens wiping cloth for wiping glasses is a cheap and easy-to-use good helper. It will not scratch your beloved bag. Even smearing can restore the luster of the bag. 3. The pencil and ballpoint eraser with gray and white at both ends can be used as a cleaning tool for suede bags. If it is slightly dirty, it can be gently wiped and removed with the white eraser of ordinary pencils; Serious dirt can be removed by wiping one end of the gray eraser of the ballpoint pen. The reason is that the friction is strong, but the hand must be lighter to avoid damaging the bag. 4. When cleaning nylon bags and cloth bread, you can gently press the surface of the bag with a wet cloth without dripping water. In addition to silk, silk and satin bags, you can try to clean the toothbrush with toothpaste. 5. Bags of any material should be dried in a ventilated place after cleaning. Don't take them to the sun for quick, because the bags washed with clean water are the most vulnerable time. Sudden high-temperature irradiation will cause the bags to fade or the leather to become hard and brittle. 6. Nowadays, all kinds of bags often have different composite materials, such as suede cover and leather body, which should be handled separately during cleaning; In addition, if the bag has rivet decoration or metal snap ring and other materials, it must also pay attention to the careful maintenance with metal cleaning agent to prevent the metal part from rusting and damaging the overall beauty of the bag. In order to prevent the zipper from being oxidized in the air, it is best to keep the zipper out of contact with the air and apply a layer of white oil on the zipper. If there is no white oil, it is OK to replace it with salad oil and light candle oil. 7. When you buy a famous brand bag, you usually get a dustproof bag. If you are not using the bag, remember to put some newspapers or old clothes into the empty bag and put it into the dustproof bag. When you store it, you should also avoid folding and heavy pressing to avoid creases or cracks. 8. If you really don't have time for DIY to maintain your bags, please leave it to the laundry that cleans your bags