Where can small businesses wholesale low-cost luggage sources?


Where can small businesses wholesale low-cost luggage sources?

first kind

It is a counter store in shopping malls. Most of these stores are self operated or franchised by brands. The manufacturers manage the supply of goods uniformly and set prices uniformly. The advantages are worry-saving and labor-saving. The disadvantages are that the manufacturers have higher prices and lower relative profits. The dealers receive various constraints from the manufacturers and expensive deposits.

Type II

It is a large-scale sales business. Most of these businesses are self-supporting stores or online stores. The manufacturers sell directly without the problem of supply.

Category III

Businesses are small but slightly large-scale businesses, which account for about 50% of all businesses. Tens of thousands of bags can be sold every year, but the single sales volume is not many. Such businesses generally choose to purchase from the nearest wholesale market, and those with a larger scale may cross regions to purchase from the large luggage wholesale market. However, the disadvantage is that the supply of goods is unstable. Some styles have just opened the sales volume, and the upstream merchants will not sell. On the other hand, after layers of turnover by superior dealers, the price is not low.w.

Category IV

It is a micro business with an annual sales volume of about hundreds of pieces. Such businesses generally take goods in the local wholesale market. Because the sales volume is small, they naturally have no bargaining power. The price of taking goods is naturally high, buying high and selling high.

Then, as some small-scale businesses, they naturally have a strong desire to reduce procurement costs, and the delivery channel has become a key factor. It is more ideal to reduce the level of dealers and even take the goods directly from the manufacturer. In fact, the manufacturer can take the goods for the styles with stable annual sales of more than 1000 pieces. The styles with high sales can even be customized by the manufacturer, and the signs and materials can be freely selected to reduce the cost.

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