Price, construction period and style are three factors related to the quality of fashion bags and handbags


Price, construction period and style are three factors related to the quality of fashion bags and handbags

Factor one

Too low price: for every customer who customizes fashionable women's bags, they will focus on the price. The customized price of storage bag is not the higher the better, nor the lower the better. The so-called "goods for every penny", if you want a low price and the factory has to control the cost, it may reduce the quality of the package. Shoddy bags, whether practical or aesthetic, will be greatly reduced. Therefore, it is also very difficult to purchase cost-effective packages within a certain budget.

Factor two

Excessively shorten the construction period: the specific quantity of fashionable bag customization directly determines the production cycle of the bag. Some purchasers order hundreds or even thousands of backpacks because they are in a hurry. They can't catch up with them in a week. Even if they catch up, the quality of bags can't be guaranteed. Therefore, if there is a demand for customized backpacks, it is recommended to find a cooperative manufacturer in advance and reserve enough production time for the manufacturer.

As shown in table III

Customization: many custom-made women's bags will require personalized customization, paying great attention to style design. Not only practical, but also in line with personal aesthetics, public aesthetics or a certain culture. It is worth noting that personalized bag customization does not mean that you can do whatever you want, not what you want to do. Even if there are thousands of ideas, it should also be designed according to the standards of production specifications to ensure that the production process can be realized.
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