Package production process


Package production process

1、 After getting the order

First of all, the marketing department will track the customers, understand the specific information, and report to the general manager for the record. Secondly, if the customer's order is unclear or unreasonable or our company does not have the production conditions, the marketing department personnel must make a written proof to the customer within 24 hours. Finally, the customer order has the possibility of production before entering the quotation process.

2、 Quotation

1. The marketing department and the planning group of the production department analyze the data sources and calculate the material consumption (Clothing Technology Group), auxiliary material cost (Purchasing Department), processing output value (clothing factory), printing and embroidery and other expenses (production department), packaging materials (Purchasing Department), reasonable profit (Merchandiser) and freight (merchandiser)
2. The Planner shall fill in the appraisal sheet and report it to the general manager for approval and filing. If the customer has any modification, the quotation shall be re approved according to the procedure.
3. After the approval of the general manager, the merchandiser shall provide the quotation in writing to the customer, including product name, specification, price term, time, quantity, amount, place of delivery, expected delivery date, starting quantity, payment method, etc., and indicate the quality requirements when necessary. After receiving the written confirmation and reply from the customer, enter into the marking process

3、 Strike board

1. The merchandiser shall compile the task list of board making, which shall list the specific requirements of board making, the technical data provided by customers, the source of auxiliary materials for board making, the quantity and specification of board making, the purpose of board making (head sample, quality sample, sales sample, photo sample and ship sample) and the required delivery time. The task list shall be submitted to the production department. After the review of the production department, it shall be sent to the garment technology group, and the quality inspection department shall be informed at the same time
2. The technical team leader is responsible for checking the customer's technical requirements, formulating the stamping process and arranging the stamping plan (reply to the planning team of the production department within 24 hours)
3. The director of the technical group shall apply for the raw and auxiliary materials needed for the board making according to the requirements of the board making, and submit them to the production department for approval. The production planning group is responsible for the raw materials and printing and embroidery related to board making according to the production and purchasing procedures of flour accessories.
4. The director of the technical group is responsible for the whole process of the drawing progress, drawing technology and drawing quality. He is responsible for auditing the paper pattern, the amount of surface auxiliary materials used, and testing and checking the quality of surface auxiliary materials used in the drawing.
5. After the completion of the sample, the technical team will first batch the plate, and the quality inspection department will appoint a full-time QC to inspect the goods according to the customer's requirements, and the unqualified ones will have to be reworked or redrawn; After QC inspection, it shall be submitted to the merchandiser for review.
6. After proofing, the technical team fills in the sample delivery notice and submits it to the merchandiser along with the sample clothing. The merchandiser is responsible for filling in the sample clothing delivery bill according to the customer's requirements and submitting it to the administration department for sending out the sample clothing.