3 points of recommendation to help women in the workplace choose business packages


3 points of recommendation to help women in the workplace choose business packages

Recommend one

Look at the material of the business package. At present, the popular bags and bags in the market are pu/pvc, polyester, cowhide, etc. Considering the characteristics of wear resistance, waterproof and quality, leather handbag is undoubtedly a better choice, which is both delicate and durable. If considering from the cost-effective point of view, Pu is also a good choice, its style is more fashionable and leisure, and durability is guaranteed.

Recommendation 2

Look at the capacity of the business package. Women choose backpacks, generally from the actual needs to determine the size of the bag, relatively, small bags suitable for shopping, medium bags for work and travel, large
Bags are suitable for tourism, so women's business bags need to have a certain capacity, in the work need fashion documents, computers and other items do not appear to be swollen.

Recommendation 3

The structure design of business package. The structure design is closely related to the durability, aesthetics and comfort of the bag. The backpack used for work should be simple and atmospheric, reflecting the women's skilled work
Be in a state, not as fancy as a shopping bag. In addition, the women's business package also needs to be stored in multiple layers, which is convenient for the goods to be placed in different areas.
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