How to choose the color for leather bag customization?


How to choose the color for leather bag customization?

Customized leather bags are popular all year round, but how to choose the color? So how should we determine the color when we choose the customized leather bags? Many enterprises will customize their bags. When choosing the color of the bags, first determine whether the theme you want to express or whether the logo of the enterprise has a main tone. The leather color selected in this way is the right color. If there are no restrictions on these conditions, then what color should bags and handbags choose? Next, Yihua handbag will introduce how to choose the customized color of leather goods.

1. According to the sun protection index

When choosing the customized leather bag, we need to determine the use scene of the leather bag. If the leather bag is mainly used in outdoor activities and outdoor publicity, we should choose white and other light colored leather bags, because white can reflect sunlight well, which can ensure our cool experience in outdoor activities. Whether from the physical or visual are relatively cool feeling, dark leather bag is very heat absorption, generally speaking, summer outdoor activities will not choose dark as the main color.

2. Comparison of appearance impression

Dark leather bags will be more formal than light leather goods, and light leather bags will give people a feeling of youth and sunshine. First of all, it is also very important to choose according to customers' preferences when customizing bags.
The choice of color can be based on personal requirements to choose the color, different occasions, the color should be relatively to choose, enterprises can also match the color according to the company's culture.

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