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        1. 下载medAlertFam 1.10 1.0

          medAlertFam 1.10 1.0

          • 软件大年夜小:1.4 MB (1468006 字节)
          • 软件种别:手机铃声 -> iPhone&iPad
          • 软件授权:免费软件      软件说话:英语
          • 更新时光:2018-01-18
          • 软件厂商:未知
          • 软件官网:未知
          • 利用平台:IOS
          medAlertFam 1.10描述介绍:
          medAlertFam 1.10 1.0官方版是由/fileview_4412954.html上传到优发手机版网,供大年夜家免费下载。
          medAlertFam is designed to capture the entire family's medical profiles and provide an alert system when in an emergency situation. Each family member has their own setup, which consists of name, eMail, cell phone, home phone, and Address. “Medical History info”, which collects specific medical history. “Medicine info”, includes who prescribed them with dosage and quantity. “Hospital info” records to know where last visited. “Insurance info” record for primary, and secondary to be able to provide them as required to interested party, and finally “Contacts info” which is very important to setup all three records for the emergency situation. All the collected info and your location on the MAP is forwarded to your contacts automatically at the time of emergency when you press the “SOS Truck” and “Send Profile” buttons. Any of your contacts then could communicate with you and provide the required help and assistance as required. The Heart symbol on the Map indicates your location, and by touching the heart symbol you will be forwarded the closest hospital address to your location.


          Agole Tech Solutions

          版本 1.10 中的新功能

          1- iOS upgrade and bug fixes and added iPad capability.